Using Free Premium WordPress Themes

If you are looking for free premium wordpress themes, this article is for you. If you run a WordPress blog then you will have noticed that the default themes that come with it are not really that spectacular. If you are running a blog for fun, then that is fine, how it looks is not really important. However, if you are looking to sell products or services, or make money from advertising then you really need to use some of the free premium WordPress themes available on the internet.


These days, the free premium WordPress themes look very professional, and with so many available, they may not be widely used, especially if the theme is niche specific. Making your site look professional is very important, as first impressions last. How many times do you land on a page looking to buy something and you instantly think, this site doesn’t look very good? Probably a few times a year based on research. So you want a theme that has that professional wow factor, and really impresses potential customers. There are plenty of free premium WordPress themes at

Giving customers confidence, also instills a certain amount of trust in people, and this makes them more likely to buy from your site, or click one of your ads, and if you are using Adsense, then that is revenue.

Installing free premium WordPress themes is easy. All you need to do is find the theme that you like on the internet, and download it. The theme should be in Zip format, so all you need to do then is upload it directly into WordPress, and it will automatically install itself. You may want to install a few themes to see which one looks the best, but once you have selected one, then remove the others as they can take up quite a lot of disk space. Once you have the theme installed, then you can start adding widgets, and making any changes that make it unique.